A Quick Guide To VTAC Offers And Change Of Preference

Dec 11, 2019

After the intensity of exams, receiving your results can be a life-changing moment. Whether it makes your heart sing or lead you to contemplate your choices, Change of Preference is an excellent time to reflect on everything you've worked towards regardless of the news. Although a brief window to make a decision, Change of Preference allows you to rethink your study options in 2020 and the direction of your future career path, acting as a safety net to ensure that you have made realistic decisions based on your results. 

Here at Collarts, we're passionate about encouraging students from every background to pursue what they love and consider the industry they want to be part of. Offering Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees in Animation & VFXAudio Engineering, Comedy, Content CreationEntertainment JournalismEntertainment ManagementFashion Marketing, Fashion & Sustainability, Interior DesignMusic Performance, Music Production, and Screen & Media, we think Change of Preference is an excellent time to reconnect with the avenues you want to specialise in during and beyond studies.

When it comes to Change of Preference, things can get a little overwhelming, but don't stress—we've simplified everything you need to know so that you can get the most out of the opportunity!

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I received an offer from Collarts. What do I need to do now?

First of all, congratulations! When offers arrive, just follow the steps VTAC supplies you when accepting your offer. If you're accepting your offer with Collarts, do it as soon as you possibly can. This means we'll have you enrolled and ready to go for O-Week, and send you a heap of information before the trimester starts so you can be as prepared as possible. If you have any problems though, contact our Future Student Team and they'll help you put your best foot forward.

I didn't receive an offer from Collarts. What happens now?

If you applied to Collarts and didn’t get an offer on the December or January Rounds through VTAC, don’t stress. It probably means that you didn’t preference Collarts high enough, or you haven’t had an interview or audition yet. Here's what you need to know:

December Round Offers are released on Wednesday 18 December. That means, you have until Saturday 14 December at 4pm to put Collarts in your preferences if you would like to receive an offer for the December round. Once this window closes, you will have to wait until Change of Preference for January Offers.

 January Round Offers are released on Wednesday 15 January. Change of Preference for January Round Offers will open on Wednesday 18 December at 4pm and close Friday 20 December at 4pm. This is your last chance to secure a spot in the next round for January.

Once you’ve changed your preferences, our Future Student Team will get in touch to organise an interview or audition. If it’s all a bit confusing, or you think that you should have been eligible for an offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch because we definitely want to hear from you.

Wait, what is Change of Preference?

Change of Preference is a period of time allotted to you if you're considering a change of preference in your study options after receiving your December or January Round Offers. With no costs involved—as long as you pay your course application processing fee—you can change your preferences as much as you like within the specified periods.

By changing your preference list, you can essentially bump your choices up or down, and you can add, remove or replace your choices during this time to reflect your new study preferences. For example, if you didn't get your first preference during December or January Rounds, Change of Preference allows you to reconsider or reshuffle your options based on your ATAR results or a change of mind.

Is ATAR everything when it comes to Change of Preference?

It depends on your aspirations and study preferences. Here at Collarts, it helps to know that we don't actually base our applications off ATAR scores. We base applications off an interview/audition process and successfully passing Year 12, so regardless of your score you have a chance to do what you love.

That means, if you're considering joining the Collarts community, Change of Preference is an ideal time to apply for an interview or audition to be considered for a spot in our 2020 intake. Of course, other study options will vary in their own individual application process, so check-in with the expectations around your preferences and take them into consideration.

How do I change my preferences through VTAC?

After you receive your December or January Round Offer through VTAC, the following day is when Change of Preference opens. VTAC is your best walkthrough guide for detailed explanations on making changes and how they impact your course choices. It may sound daunting, but Change of Preference has been made really simple by VTAC and can be done with a few simple steps by logging on and following VTAC's prompts.

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What if I want to pop Collarts on my list?

If you want to pop down Collarts on your Change of Preference list, we can help you out. The following steps include everything you need to know if you're considering placing Collarts in your preferences. These steps include:

1.) Log into your VTAC account and open your preference list.

2.) Order your course preferences. If you would like to study at Collarts, the only way to ensure your full enrolment offer is that we are on your VTAC preference list.

3.) Book an interview/audition with us as we do not base offers on ATAR scores. To do so, contact us immediately to secure your appointment by emailing recruitment@collarts.edu.au.

4.) Submit before 20 December at 4pm for the December Round Offers. After the December Round, January VTAC offers will go out on Wednesday 15th January for 2020, with February Round Offers to be released on 3rd February 2019 at 2pm. On that note, Change of Preference for January is opening on the 2nd of January at 10am.

Okay cool, but how should I order them?

While receiving your results and offers can stir up many feelings, don't make the mistake of listing your preferences in the order you think you will get into them. Your preferences should reflect your courses in order of desire so that those processing your application can see what you're really passionate about.

By ordering your courses in order of preference, you allow a higher chance for your offer to be the one you really want and not second or third best. But keep in mind, you need to always check course selection criteria as some courses may have already been filled or closed.

I've been offered something during First Round Offers, but now I'm not too sure.

One of the great things about December and January Offers is that you don't have to accept them. According to VTAC, once you have received an offer you cannot delete that course from your preferences, however, you can move it up or down your list, or choose not to take it. What this means is that you can change the order of your other preferences or add new courses.

Adding new courses is a powerful decision as it lets those processing your application know that you're serious about joining that course. At Collarts, we welcome new applications and are more than happy to answer your questions if you decide to place us somewhere in your preferences.

We hope that helps you navigate Change of Preferences! If studying at Collarts interests you or if you're wanting to learn more, check out our courses hereApplications for 2020 are now open

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