All The Collarts Industry Partners You Need To Know

Nov 21, 2019

You might notice that on our website and course guide, we're always mentioning our industry connections and how we reflect the current design and entertainment scenes. 

We want you to know that it's not just all talk: our industry partners are some of the most exciting and nationally renowned events in Australia — some on a global scale — who want to give you a taste of what it's like to work your dream job. We have exclusive partnerships with most and something for everyone, whether that's wielding a camera at a local festival or ringing in the New Year on Victoria's coastline.

So here are all our industry partnerships you need to know in one spot: each is different in their own inspiring way, but they all seek to give Collarts students the experience to succeed in their creative careers after study.



Us city folk don't get many chances to hear the sounds of country Victoria, and A Hitch To The Sticks seeks to introduce exactly that. Directed by Music Teacher Dallas Frasca, a VIP bus takes ticket-holders to secret gigs on the journey to Wangaratta. A niche festival and Exclusive Education Partnership means one-on-one mentorship with the directors, as well as helping with event logistics, conducting artist interviews, and more.


Peel street festival

It’s our festival-next-door: Peel Street Festival is all about engaging the community with local music in an accessible way, and we returned as their Exclusive Education Partner earlier this month. Students took over social media, worked closely with Nong Sound to set up stage, and even had the opportunity to play in front of primetime audiences.

Music VIC


Photo by Martin Philbey

Otherwise known as The Age Music Victoria Awards, Collarts is the Exclusive Education Partner of this night that celebrates the achievements of artists, record labels, and local venues. Not only is it a fantastic networking opportunity with music's cream of the crop, but students get to coordinate social media, run awards, attend green rooms, and undertake a Project Assistant internship.

Undress Melbourne-1


If we're fostering the next generation of fashion leaders, then we want them to be as forward-thinking as possible, and in this age, that means being sustainable. As an Exclusive Education Partner, opportunities at sustainable fashion event Undress not only means that our students will be at the forefront of industry transformation, but also gain behind-the-scenes experience or have the chance to perform their songs onstage.

Falls Festival 29 Dec (4 of 40)-1


It's one of the longest-running festivals in the Southern Hemisphere, and we happen to be Falls Festival Lorne's Exclusive Education Partner for the second year in a row. Students will control top-of-the-line equipment, grasp the organised chaos of a backstage area, and assist local and international artists onstage, while enjoying their New Years surrounded by great music.

UNIFY Gathering 2019 11-01-19 (60 of 78)


This is one for the hardcore fans — UNIFY Gathering 2020 is set to be a whirlwind of diverse opportunities for students, thanks to Collarts being a third-time Exclusive Education Partner. From liaising with bands to tweaking live sound, there's plenty of experience to be had in sunny South Gippsland.

Ego Expo1


Fashion isn't just about haute couture; street fashion and culture is just as important, especially in today's "athleisure" era. So when Australia's largest streetwear and lifestyle expo Ego Expo cropped up on our radar, we knew we wanted to be their Exclusive Education Partner. Even if you don't know the first thing about streetwear, you can learn how to perform in front of thousands, assist runways, and more.

Collarts x GTM Bendigo 2019 (6 of 104)


In 2020, we return to Groovin' The Moo Bendigo as their Exclusive Education Partner, taking Collarts students to learn in an all ages festival environment. Aside from a coveted live performance slot on the Plot stage, volunteers will glean insight into all the moving cogs that make a festival like Groovin' the Moo so... groovin'.



A new one for our Interior Design and Interior Decoration students, DENFAIR has a prestigious reputation for being Australia's go-to event for professionals in the design world. Being an Exclusive Education Partner means Collarts students will get up close and personal with the best local and international brands, and could even embark on an internship with a designer or style a space that will be seen by hundreds.

Melbourne Fashion Week 2019 (15 of 24)


Melbourne Fashion Week, the fashion party that takes over the city, just happens to be our good friend. Fashion Marketing students curate installations that make us think deeper about our relationship to clothing: this year's Mirror, Mirror On The Wall questioned reflections of identity, while last year's Through The Looking Glass investigated how digital personas and our choices form style, in collaboration with Interior Design and Content Creation students.

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