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Jan 17, 2019
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Animation & VFX: Intro To CG Animation
Classroom 102, Wellington St Campus | 2pm With Live Stream

How does one create animation? Pulling apart animation at its most basic core, Intro To CG Animation is our first webinar workshop that will also be live streamed on Facebook at 2pm. Led by Mark Pullyblank—the Department Head of 3D Animation at CG Spectrum known best for films like Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin, The Smurfs, Night at the Museum, and many others—the workshop will break down animation basics. This workshop will be of great benefit to those passionate about Animation, curious to learn the basics of the 3D industry.

Join our live stream on Facebook at 2pm here or directly via Zoom.

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Audio Engineering: Drum Recording Tutorial
Theaterette, Wellington St Campus | 9:30am

Ever wondered how Audio Engineering works in an actual live recording session? In our Drum Recording Workshop, we'll be collaborating with current Music and Audio students to record and edit their performance in real-time, using a large screen to show and explain the process from start to finish. Through demonstration and steady explanation, this workshop is perfect for those interested in Audio Engineering, but we also encourage those interested in drumming to check out our facilities too.

Open Day May 12 2018 (68 of 129)

Content Creation: Intro To Video Editing Workshop
Mac Lab 201, Wellington St Campus | 11:30am

Video is a powerful tool that anyone can learn the basics of. In this Intro to Video Editing workshop, learn the basics to take your videos from simple shoot and watch to dynamic and engaging content pieces. Participants will get the 101 on Adobe Rush, a powerful all-new app for creating and sharing online videos. that work across all devices. With the opportunity to create content and seek advice about the media industry, this class is ideal for those passionate about Content Creation.

Open Day May 12 2018 (41 of 129)
Fashion Marketing: How To Develop A Mood Board Workshop
Classroom 104, Wellington St Campus | 10:30am

Before algorithms helped curate our inspiration, the humble Mood Board found its way into our ideas and ways of planning. Learn about the creative tool in this hands-on workshop for Fashion Marketing, where you will work with experts and current students to communicate a creative concept used across design and creative industries. With the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice about the industry, this class is ideal for those passionate about Fashion Marketing.

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Interior Design: Furniture Design
Classroom 104, Wellington St Campus | 11:30am

On an average day, each of us uses hundreds of objects and furniture—think alarm clock, light switch, shampoo bottle, bed, chair and more. But who makes all these things, and why do they look and feel the way they do? Join us to learn furniture design techniques, and to find out how good design make objects, and our lives, better. This workshop is perfect for those interested in Interior Design and good design in general. 

  APRA AMCOS & AIR- Indie 101 Workshop (5 of 36) (9)

Music Performance: Open Live Performance Class
Auditorium, Wellington St Campus | 11:30am

Experience live performances from current Music Performance students and alumni in this Open Live Performance. Set as an ensemble class, you'll get the chance to listen to the original songs that they've written and perfected, alongside how they have honed their skills in the Music Performance course.

Between performances, you will be able to join in conversations about songwriting and ask any questions about Collarts Music and the course. During this performance class, Audio Engineering students will also be assisting and working on the live stage, so this class is ideal for those curious in both Music Performance or Audio Engineering, or anyone else passionate about music in a live setting!

 Open Day Sep 8 2018 (110 of 124)
All Degrees: Collarts Industry Panel Discussion
Auditorium & Theatrette | 12:00pm

How do you turn your passion into a sustainable career? In 'Turning Your Passion Into A Profession', this panel discussion will touch on everything you need to know about making a viable career in the Entertainment Industry. There are two panels running simultaneously at 12pm, with one happening in the Auditorium for Music Performance, Music Production, Audio Engineering and Entertainment Management, and the other in the Theaterette for Content Creation, Entertainment Journalism, Interior Design and Fashion Marketing.

The two separate rooms will hold a conversational panel open to anyone looking at developing real pathways into a future career, and will feature expert opinions from industry leaders, faculty and alumni. This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to work in the creative and entertainment industries, and we encourage all to attend the panel suited to their career goals.

Halloween 2018 (127 of 144)

Music Production: Intro To Ableton Tutorial
Theatrette, Wellington St Campus | 11:00am

What does it take to compose a song? In Intro To Ableton, you will learn the basics of Ableton at an introductory level. The tutorial will give insight into composing and sequencing beats and bass using Ableton with a focus on sampling and sound design, and is suited for those curious about Music Production or wanting to learn the few first tools to create, edit and deliver songs.  Through a rapid-fire overview with plenty of time to ask questions to industry experts, you'll oversee a number of loops and learn tricks, tips and techniques for making music in Ableton. This workshop will best be suited to those interested in Music Production and its basic techniques.

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