Behind The Scenes Of Melbourne Fashion Week

Sep 20, 2018

Partnering up with Victoria's iconic Melbourne Fashion Week (MFW), Collarts students from Fashion Marketing and Content Creation, along with Interior Design students from Mercer School of Interior Design (a division of the Australian College of the Arts), collaborated on a public project called Through The Looking Glass.

Drawing on the skills and creative expertise in fashion marketing, interior design and digital content faculties, Collarts students interpreted and presented a range of contemporary design trends, reflecting on how our living environments and our digital personas come together to express our ideas of style and identity.


Mood boarding and behind the scene moments by students Jasmine Madour and Kara Burton.



"The Fashion Marketing course itself is designed to develop the students’ creative skills and then apply them in fashion industry settings," Dr. Rachel Matthews, the Head of Fashion Marketing shared. "So, Melbourne Fashion Week’s cultural program was the perfect opportunity for our first group of fashion marketing students to bring their creative concepts to life."

"It was daunting for these students, only in their second trimester of the course, to produce images and video for Melbourne Fashion Week …but they stepped up to the challenge like true pros." 


"It was great to see such individuality and imagination in the final outcomes—Vive la difference!"



Fashion Marketing, Content Creation and Interior Design students working on their final projects.



"Pulling off the photoshoots required the students to draw on all their creative reserves to find garments, models, props and locations that would reflect their ideas on contemporary fashion and identity." Dr. Matthews continued, "The project also demanded improvisation, long hours and determination, but resulted in a sense of achievement for all involved. It was great to see such individuality and imagination in the final outcomes—Vive la difference!"

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