Behind The Scenes Of Designing The Sustainability Action Group Logo

Oct 19, 2020

Sometimes the best way to create a rippling sustainable effect is to band together as a community. Collarts' Sustainability Action Group—consisting of passionate students and staff who are looking to drive change through positive environmental impacts—represents just that. Ahead of big steps, the group opened a logo design competition to our community to see who could best symbolise SAG's eco-friendly goals. 

RUNNER UP: Derren Leung (Music Performance)
What is your concept behind the logo?

The concept is built around the leaf in the middle of the rotating arrows, which suggests what we do should revolve around the environment. It also alludes to an ‘S’ (for sustainability), and could also be interpreted as a path.

What was the creation process behind the logo?

I wanted to incorporate rotating arrows, similar to a recycle graphic to convey the message of reusing materials and resources, rather than being wasteful. In order to focus on environmental sustainability I knew I needed something about nature. I settled on a professional look, and ultimately chose to incorporate the colour blue because it suggests water sustainability as well.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

Sustainability really means to just try your best to preserve this world we’re so blessed to have. Knowing that our decisions impact future generations is good enough motivation to use less water, reuse plastic, and aim to lessen our carbon emission.

RUNNER UP: Maddy Smith (Interior Design)
What is your concept behind the logo?

My concept was to successfully integrate the brief requirement of creating a logo that can sit beside the Collarts logo. Therefore I wanted to create a design that could sit uniformly while being neat and professional.

What was the creation process behind the logo?

The creation process behind my logo was trial and error with various different ways of positioning and integrating the abbreviation SAG and the word 'sustainability' into a compact logo.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

Sustainability matters to me because as I am part of a generation that can and should make a change for the better. Without sustainability, the future generations will not benefit from the privileges we currently have.

WINNER: Arielle Lowe (Animation & VFX)
What is your concept behind the logo?

I wanted to create a design that symbolised both the passion and creativity of Collarts as well as sustainability. This resulted in the microphone growing from the hand of mother nature, and the needle threading the circle (sacred geometry). After all, SAG will be unique to Collarts and it will foster our understanding of sustainability and how we can achieve it as a community of creative like-minded students.

What was the creation process behind the logo?

Before creating this illustration, I searched the internet, books and my surroundings for inspiration and created a mood board, which helped with my final concept. Using Procreate, I sketched out a rough design. When creating an illustration, I often ask for the opinion of a fellow creative to get another person's perspective. Simon Ashford, Head of Animation & VFX, recommended that I add 'Sustainability Action Group' to the logo and pointed me in the direction of Adobe Illustrator for completing this. I was then able to add the text, and convert the logo to a vector image.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

Earth provides us with everything that we need to survive, and more, but it's up to us to look after it, and sadly we have not always done this. I am not an expert, but we are all aware of the impact our lifestyles have on the environment such as pollution, endangering of species, disappearing forests and much more. It's taken me a long time to start making conscious choices within my life that have a positive impact on the planet. By learning about sustainability, educating others and making conscious choices each day we can create a culture that embraces the magic of this planet, hopefully healing her in the process.

Students can get involved in the Collarts Sustainability Action Group now by contacting

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