How To Bring The Vibes To Your Next Zoom Party

Sep 03, 2020

For our Trimester 3 Online O-Week, we're bringing the house party to you! Zoom parties have been all the rage since we've had to stay indoors, but having a blast doesn't mean sitting on the call with your camera turned off. It's not a meeting—this is supposed to be fun! So here's some tips on turning a virtual party into an experience to be remembered


Rule of thumb: don't turn your camera off! Not only does it make you feel detached from everyone else, but people will treat you like you're not there. Instead, decorate the wall behind you with posters, disco balls, or streamers, and if you're not comfortable showing off your living space, create a virtual background using photos of real life house parties to keep that vibe going.

GET YOUR refreshments READY

When you go to a physical party, there's usually a bowl of chips or some free punch that you can snack on through out the night. Don't neglect your hunger and thirst when you're online either: buy yourself the usual treats like dips and lollies, etc, and have your water, soft drink, or whatever you're drinking right beside you. Now you won't have to miss out on any of the tunes to rustle through your kitchen pantry.

Dress up

This trimester's theme is House Party—whether you want to keep it casual with a cool outfit, or get creative by wrapping yourself in fairy lights, getting into the theme is going to make your experience a lot livelier than if you were to just stay in your pyjamas. Plus, dressing up as if you're preparing for a night on the town can amp you up for the party ahead.

dance monkey

With such an exciting line up, how could you possibly sit still? Dancing in your chair is great, but it's not the same as letting loose. If you're in your bedroom, tidy up any cords or rubbish you have on the ground, so you can move without tripping over your charger and accidentally shutting down your laptop in the process. And if you're in the living room, you could even push your couch to the side for optimal dancing space.

The Collarts T3 Online O-Week House Party is kicking off Wednesday 9th September 5PM–11PM. Current Collarts student can check their emails to RSVP now.

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