Collarts Students Create Exhibition For Melbourne Fashion Week

Aug 07, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it's like to host your own Melbourne Fashion Week event? For another year in a row, Collarts' own Fashion Marketing students will be hosting a dazzling free event open to all ages.

The exhibition, titled Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, will explore traditional notions of the shop window display and challenge you to look again. Consisting of mirrors of various sizes and shapes, each mirror will function to reflect not only the viewer, but also framed video that present creative expressions of our many selves.

Collarts MFW2-2

Taking place at Library at the Dock, the collaboration will explore the dialogue between fashion and identity, and how these two collide when we see our reflection. Just as our reflections prompt us to adjust and edit our appearance to present an alternative picture of ourselves to the world, so does fashion—with Mirror, Mirror On The Wall encouraging earnest self-reflection through multiple viewpoints. 


28th August – 5th September | 8am – 7pm
Library at the Dock


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