Collarts Welcomes Animation & VFX

Oct 11, 2018

Collarts is incredibly proud and excited to announce the new course in Animation & VFX, launching in collaboration with CG Spectrum. Celebrating our commitment to the entertainment and creative industries, this past year has seen Collarts extend its' course offerings through Fashion Marketing, Content Creation and Interior Design, while opening a brand new main campus in the heart of Collingwood.

A thrilling progression, Animation & VFX will see Collarts deliver its first online-only course for students who want to establish a professional animation and visual effects career in the film, television, online entertainment or gaming industry. 

Drawing on the expertise of industry experts from CG Spectrum who have worked in studios such as Disney, ILM, Dreamworks, Weta Digital, Method, Blizzard and Rockstar, students will have the flexibility to learn skills under their guidance at a 1-on-1 level.

As Ben O'Hara, the Dean of Collarts shares, "Animation & VFX is Collarts' first online-only course. It marks Collarts commitment to the arts and creative industry, and our endeavour to deliver high-quality tertiary education across all professional mediums."

"Our collaboration with CG Spectrum will connect students to invaluable and inspiring industry experts by delivering a high-quality and personalised education," O'Hara shared, "together we will ensure our students have the skills, connections and industry awareness required to break into the film and games industry."

Learn more about our new Animation & VFX course here. Intake for 2019 is currently open, including the opportunity to apply through VTAC. Apply now

Cover image by CG Spectrum student, Danny Dore. 

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