Essential Motivation To Self-Publish Your Own Magazine

May 07, 2018


Have you ever picked up a magazine, comic or zine and thought: I want to do something like this? For Patrick Price, creating his own publications was a natural step in exploring and experimenting with how he curates and creates content. Now the Head of Content Creation at Collarts, Patrick's appreciation for print and side hustles is strong and one of enthusiasm—when it comes to content, it all comes back to the experience. Chatting about his tips to self-publish, Patrick shares his favourite ways of planning and ideals when it comes to magazines. 

Hi Patrick, thanks for chatting with me. Tell me about magazines. What are they to you and why are they an interesting way to explore content creation?
For me, magazines are gateways. They offer readers an escape, inspiration, insight and in a small way, hope. Hope for themselves, their dreams, their own creativity. Like a good book, they can take you anywhere and make you feel even more. Magazines over the last decade have gone through a massive transformation, from almost dropping out of existence in the digital revolution to making a new resurgence in recent years. But with this resurgence has come a new way in which the content is created and thought of.

We have seen the inclusion of social media, video, live feeds—the list goes on. So, what’s next? We’re not quite there yet for VR and AR but content is driving the way we create our magazines and more importantly, how we experience them. That’s where, in my opinion, content is moving towards experiential content design and creation.

What advice would you give to those wanting to create their own magazine but have no idea where to start?
Simply, do it. Don’t second guess. The biggest things we regret in life are the things we didn’t try. Take the risk!

Totally. If you could give five tips for starting your own magazine, what would they be?

  1. Make sure your idea and concept is clear, because if you don’t know what your magazine is about then your audience never will.
  2. Get some good people around you, you can’t do it all on your own.
  3. Draw up a game plan, know when your deadlines are and stick to them.
  4. Don’t rush in! Take your time, when you’re ready you’ll know.
  5. Finally, have fun with it. If you’re not enjoying it then you shouldn’t be doing it.


"I’ve made mistakes along the way, and I’ll continue to make mistakes, it’s what moves you forward to develop and push your own creativity."


Having successfully published your own magazines, how has it benefited your content creation and/or inspired your creativity?
Having been fortunate enough to have had my own publications, its helped me develop a sense of how an audience can shape and guide your own development and the content you create. I’ve made mistakes along the way, and I’ll continue to make mistakes, it’s what moves you forward to develop and push your own creativity. More than that, I’ve met some amazing people along the way some have come and gone, others have become old and trusted friends but all of them have inspired me, pushed me and made me the creative I am today.

Do you think a print magazine always needs a digital counterpart like a website?
In today’s social media-driven world, its hard to imagine not having a digital presence but if your content is good enough, reaches your audience and connects to them, you don’t need a digital presence because, in my opinion, your audience will do it for you. Now that’s a bold statement to make, but hear me out. A digital counterpart is a good thing to have, yes, but its not everything.

The digital world is driven by two things, first the content we put out there to be shared, and secondly, the audience. They are the important ones because they can determine your success and failure—so the advice I give regarding about having a digital counterpart is this: don’t create content to be shared, create content that deserves to be shared, needs to be shared and ultimately your audience wants to share. Create that and you will never need a digital presence. Your audience will do it for you.

What do you look for when creating or consuming a magazine?
For me, I look for difference, something that makes me think, that pushes me in a different direction and takes me somewhere new! When creating anything, I ask myself a simple question: does it make me want turn the page, read more or click through? If the answers is yes, then I know I’m moving in the right direction. But when you’re sitting at your desk and asking yourself if what you’ve created is good enough, then it's not; you’ll know if it is, and that’s what you should trust.

Patrick Price is the Head of Content Creation aCollarts. If self-publishing and creating content inspires you, check out our course in Content CreationApplications for 2018 intake are currently open!

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