Five Career Questions To Ask This Open Day

May 03, 2019

We all know the scene: you’re sitting right in front of someone that you’re sure has all the answers you need, but you can’t think of the right questions to ask when it comes to your future career. Don’t stress—we’ve got you covered! Here are five questions we think will help you get the most out of our upcoming Open Day and your goals, which is happening on Saturday the 11th of May.

UNIFY Gathering 2019 11-01-19 (3 of 78) (1)Our Audio Engineering alumnus Lou Cosgrave working at UNIFY Gathering. Read her experience studying Audio to working in Live Sound here.

How is Collarts connected to the industry?

Proud of our industry connections, Open Day is the perfect time to find out what partnerships, collaborations and connections can benefit you and your studies with us. Whether it's working festivals like UNIFY Gathering or Groovin The Moo, creating visuals for Melbourne Fashion Week or Falls Festival, or flying overseas to Germany or the USA, each connection will be an essential doorway into your industry. We recommend asking questions on what will be available to you as a student studying, and where our alumni are now working in the industry.

What kind of jobs will be open to me after studying at Collarts?

Spinning your passion into a career is an essential thing to consider when picking a study option right for you. At our Open Day, our course leaders and teachers will be more than happy to answer your questions, shedding light on where the industry is currently (and where they see it going). Creative industries are always changing—which means job opportunities are always growing—and we recommend you ask about what exciting pathways you can follow in and after your studies.

What’s a 'day in the life' of someone working in the industry?

Creative careers are a lot more than just the kind of work you do—it’s the joy of creative flow, the tools you get to use, the people you can meet, and the places you can go. It’s important to ask about these personal experiences, and what our current students, teachers and staff love most about their careers. By asking this question, you may find your aspirations align with a different course or that our teachers can help you find your own path. 

Peel St Festival 2018 (11 of 94)Our students working hands-on with industry experts at Peel St Festival.

How can I prepare for my studies (or future career)?

There’s no such thing as being too keen to learn more about your future career. Reading books, watching Netflix series, or going to events are some of the easiest ways to learn more about your passion. Putting these things into context, however, is another thing; with Open Day being a perfect chance to talk to our teachers about the industries they practice in. The best choice for your goals starts with you, and we recommend coming along to our Open Day to proactively find out the best way to ace them.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

Everyone’s reason for getting into their line of work is different, and the stories behind these are usually pretty special. At our Open Day, speak with our community one-on-one and find out the stories behind their careers. At Collarts, there are so many stories—from students who move interstate or find confidence in themselves during their studies, to teachers who have worked with Steven Spielberg or changed the music industry dramatically—and each person could help you find your direction. 

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