Five Ways To Style Plants In Your Space

Mar 18, 2019

Indoor plants have seen a big resurgence over the last few years and honestly, we're here for it. With student life often creating situations where you can't stop and smell the roses, indoor plants are a quick way to connect you back with nature and invigorate your space, giving it a sense of abundance and life. Decorating your apartment with is also great for your health, with plants providing many healing benefits, including its ability to clean air. 

From large statement plants to small hardy succulents, there is an indoor plant to suit everyone from the green-thumbed to the horticulturally challenged. Here are a few ways you can add a touch of greenery to your home and we recommend asking your mates for any cuttings, spare pots or tools that can help you get your own indoor garden up and running.

figggImage via Madewell Musings.

Go big with a fig

Plants can be a team effort when it comes to share houses, and if you have an empty corner crying out for an eye-catching bit of greenery, why not opt for a large pot with a statement plant like a palm, giant-leaf strelitzia or fiddle leaf fig? Tropical palms and the paddle-shaped leaves of the strelitzia add a relaxed vibe to an interior space, while fiddle leaf figs remain a popular choice because they are lush, leafy and fairly easy to look after in that right position. 


Image via Urban Outfitters Home on Instagram.

The sneaky magic of hanging plants

Hanging plants from the ceiling is a quick way to accentuate the height of a room while creating a great contrast from furniture anchored to the ground. That's right, you can create more space thanks to the eye-catching trickery of plants and your brain will love you for it. Create a focal point by hanging different plants at different levels. Devil’s Ivy, String of Pearls and Hoya Linearis are all great options for hanging plants and a macramé hanger can add a little boost in natural textures.

Image via The ZEN Succulent on Instagram.

Get creative with pots and planters

Combine pot stands of various heights and sizes to create a focal point of greenery. You can fill the pots with a mix of leafy plants and succulents in different shades of green or collect cute planters from your fave artists. In addition to contrasting foliage, try mixing up the pots you use. For example, place an antique brass pot next to a cement planter or a rattan planter next to a bright coloured or patterned pot. Adding a bit of quirk will create interest to the eye and make your space more energised. 

Image via Trend Scout. 

Style with seasonal flowers, leaves and sprigs

While house plants last a lot longer than freshly cut flowers or leaves, it’s fun to experiment with seasonal arrangements. Try different vessels to arrange flowers you’ve bought or picked from the garden or hit up that green-thumb friend of yours for some free cuttings. There is no right or wrong when styling with greenery, so just pick the colours and textures that appeal to you. Combine different types of items with contrasting foliage to create a unique explosion of colour—perfect for a bedside table, bathroom vanity or kitchen bench.

mtjtthyImage via Instagram

Don’t forget the bathroom and kitchen

That's right, your bathroom is the perfect place for plants. Not only do plants easily soften the look of a hard materials like tiles or concrete, most plants also thrive in humid well-lit positions. A draping pothos or ivy placed in a bathroom can add warmth and movement, while a potted succulent or Monstera on a kitchen bench can add a pop of colour. So whatever you choose, the benefits of adding greenery to your bedroom or sharehouse are endless. Not only do indoor plants look lush and beautiful, they help us relax and bring us joy. Plants, quite simply, are pure happiness (once you work out how to keep them alive.)

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