Get Hyped For The Online O-Week Party With Our Fave CUB SPORT Tracks

Sep 09, 2020

With pop powerhouse CUB SPORT headlining our Collarts Online O-Week Party, you'll be treated to a student-exclusive set of their greatest bangers—from the songs that get you swaying to the ones that spurn on idyllic memories. Get hyped for tonight by listening to some of our favourite CUB SPORT tracks (as well as watching some of their visceral music videos).




A stand-out from their latest album LIKE NIRVANA, 'Be Your Man' is a swelling pop ballad; the type of song you wanna sing when you're dancing in an empty house. And no wonder it hits so hard—the track is all about what "being a man" actually means and freeing yourself from those stereotypical expectations. Ultimately, it's a story of radical self-acceptance and experiencing a boundless freedom in shedding societal norms.



CUB SPORT (2019)

According to a RUSSH interview with the band from 2019, 'As Long As You're Happy' was one of the most challenging songs to write on their self-titled album. Going beyond the scope of instruments, the calming trills of birds and the track's breeziness can be sourced to a field recording of a forest near where they live. These vignettes of nature simply add to the beauty that shines through the joy in this song.




Another one off their recent release, 'Break Me Down' sees CUB SPORT inviting the talent of Brisbane-based singer and rapper Mallrat (who has shot to popularity on a global scale in the last few years). The otherworldly gossamer that wraps LIKE NIRVANA persists even on this seven minute track, with the band's penchant for experimental autotune taking charge, and if anything, it's a testament to the collaboration of two Australian alternative artists who will go down in history.



333 (2019)

'Hearts In Halves' leaps off their 2019 "triple A-side" project, 333, and indulges in CUB SPORT's dancier side. Made for both the club and your bedroom, it's reminiscent of Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own', dredging up euphoric images of sweet, careless love. Frontman Tim Nelson explains that in fact 'Hearts In Halves' is "a reflection on the journey of Sam [Netterfield] and I finding our way to each other. From being in deep denial... to surrendering and giving into that feeling."



SINGLE (2019)

Many of us were pleasantly surprised when CUB SPORT released 'I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life' in 2019 with Darren Hayes from iconic Australian '90s band Savage Garden. Off the title alone, you might expect it to unravel a melancholy story, but released on Spirit Day which aims to empower LGBTIQ+ youth to stand up to bullying, the song instead bursts with gratitude, pride, and elation. Plus, it's got a soft, catchy guitar riff you'll never forget.

The Collarts T3 Online O-Week House Party is kicking off Wednesday 9th September 5PM–11PM. Current Collarts students can check their emails to RSVP now.

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