How Collarts Students Are Embracing Dolby Atmos Technology

Feb 11, 2020

At Collarts, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge, and we are dedicated to amplifying the technology available at our campus facilities. Dolby Atmos is one of the latest systems we’ve invested in: a three-dimensional surround sound technology hailed as “the most significant development in cinema audio since surround-sound"

Originally developed in 2012, Atmos is revolutionary because it creates surround sound channels overhead, giving music and effects more physicality in a space. In the Wellington St campus Theatrette, a combination of JBL 7 Series speakers — nine audio channels on the walls, one for the subwoofer, and six on the ceiling — give the perception of height and the chance for students to try their hand at creating Dolby Atmos sound.

"It's a format that is exploding at the consumer level. Dolby Atmos-enabled products are now becoming more commonplace on the market for home theatre setups, meaning more people can enjoy the sensation of 3D sound in their own homes," explains Audio Engineering Coordinator Dylan Mitrovich.

"Even Netflix now requires all of their content to be submitted with Dolby Atmos-enabled audio."

Jack-Benfold-mixing-quoteIn late 2019, Dolby also officially launched Dolby Atmos Music, bringing breathtaking 3D sound used in the cinema market to everyday music, which Dylan describes as "cutting-edge and about to explode in a big way".

Students will be able to use an AVID Pro Tools setup using an AVID S6 console in the 'Post-Production' subject stream, and will have "a huge opportunity to be ahead of the game when it comes to new and emerging technologies".

"We are one of only two educational facilities in Australia to have be able to teach the complex workflows involved in mixing Dolby Atmos content," Dylan says.

"I think having the Dolby Atmos mixing system here at Collarts just shows that we are at the forefront of major industry movements."

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