How To Apply Through VTAC

Aug 05, 2019


Excited about what your future holds? If you're reading up on VTAC, the next chapter of your life is just around the corner—and we're just as excited for it as you are! If you have a few uni courses in mind but are unsure of how to to apply or how your preferences work, you've landed on the right blog. Here's everything you need to know about VTAC's Application Process, summed up in six easy steps.

1. Learn what the VTAC Course Application is and get prepared

The VTAC Course Application allows you to apply for up to eight courses in order of preference, however, you can only receive one offer in each Offer Round. Before you begin your application with VTAC, you must ensure you meet the Entrance Requirements for each course you want to apply for and have all the requested details you need to sign-up. Once you're prepared to apply, ensure your application is correct—if you provide any incorrect info, you may muck up your chance of receiving offers or worst: run the risk of any offers you receive being taken away! 

2. Create a VTAC Account and log in

Before you can apply for any course, you must create a VTAC Account. For a complete step-by-step guide, read Creating a VTAC Account on VTAC's website. Otherwise, to access the Course Application options, you must log in to your VTAC account using your ~very cool~ VTAC ID and PIN.

3. Open the Course Application and submit your Educational History

To open the application, select 'Course Application' in your VTAC account. Luckily, all course applications through VTAC are submitted online. In the first section of applying, you will be prompted to answer questions about your Education History and for any other other articles that prove your Evidence of Results or documentation.

4. Confirm your history and details

Again, this is super important: incorrect details can mess up your chances with VTAC! You will be asked to review your Educational History and confirm that the details are correct.


Now that the hard yards are done, you can list your preferences! The great thing about VTAC is that you can enter up to Eight Course Preferences using the institution and course drop-down menus, or by entering the course codes. You also have the option to view the course information and check that you are selecting the correct course before you submit.

When creating your list, ensure you meet the Prerequisites and complete all relevant entrance requirements. Your list should reflect courses in your preference—the first should be your absolute dream course, the second your next favourite and so-on. If you change your mind, you can add, delete or re-order your courses any time before the Course Application Closing Date and other Change of Preference periods. For more information, see changing your course preferences on VTAC.

6. Set your info release permission, pay your application processing fee and be on your way

As the process comes to the end, you will be asked if you want to give permission for VTAC to publish any First Round Offers you receive in metropolitan and regional newspapers to ensure humble bragging rights. You will also be asked to review your course preferences, authorised nominee details and statistical information, and then to confirm that the details are all correct.

After all this, you can finally submit your application—and pay the application processing fee! Although you do not have to pay the fee straight away, there *is* a deadline and consequence, so don't give yourself the opportunity to forget and regret. Read about it all here.

We hope that helps you navigate VTAC and applying! Read a more in-depth version on VTAC here.

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