How To Make Your New Year's Resolution Count

Jan 01, 2020

Too many people panic at the dawn of a new year, scrambling to name a New Year's resolution that eventually, they won't be able to stick to. But if you really want to have a transformative 2020, resolutions can help you achieve the dreams you've always been gunning for.

Learning from the heart-to-hearts we had with accomplished Collarts students this year, here are the best ways to make your New Year's resolution count for the decade to follow.


Don't settle for the stock standard resolution that has nothing to do with your long-term goals. Creating a resolution that you don't really care about is a recipe for disaster, but crafting one that actually relates to your passion will help motivate you on a day-to-day basis.

For Entertainment Management student Bridget McMullen, passion is one of the defining factors that pushes her to succeed in the music industry. "I think if you want to work in this industry, even from an early age, you just know. And even if it's not an early age, but you have this nagging feeling of, ”I just want to work in music, I don't know what it is, I just want to” then it’s worth listening to your gut," she says. 

Jacinta Ashby - Plant Press Shot 01-11-19 - Image 12
organise your time efficiently

If you want to measure your achievements, be realistic about how much time it's going to take for you to fulfil your resolution. Organise your schedule and make room for the tasks you need to complete to set yourself on the right path, whether that means maintaining a tight Google Calendar or rearranging your priorities.

Jacinta Ashby, an Interior Design student who styled festival green rooms for Peel St Festival, claims organisation was key to her getting the job done. "As silly as this sounds, the greatest thing that I learned was that you can never be too organised. Despite having four weeks to put it all together, organisation was what carried and got me through this experience!"


It can be hard when you're the only one studying, working out, or practicing for extra hours. Why not link up with a mate who has the same goals as you? Not only will you have a shoulder to lean on when both of you are fighting to break through a particularly difficult time, but you can also support one another to do better and be stronger. 

Music Production student and Red Bull Synthesis Masterclass attendee Benji Colbourne suggests that without the Collarts community, his skills in electronic music wouldn't have evolved to the level they are at now. "It's that community and the people who I'm studying with that I've loved so far. That main experience of the Collarts community has been the most important way of learning for me," he reveals.


Struggling to make a head start on your resolution? Don't stress. Just because you haven't finished writing a song, started a blog, or debuted your new fashion label in the first few months doesn't mean you're a failure. Baby steps are just as important as the long game, and you should pat yourself on the shoulder for any achievements, no matter the size.

Fashion Marketing student Ebony Tewierik — and the face behind blog Find Me Northside — champions sustainability where she can. But her journey started off by simply trying to be a "conscious consumer". "It's a great first step to take and that is my approach as it's quite a new thing for me too. Paying a little more attention to the brands you purchase from, what your clothes are made of and how you take care of them are great ways to start," she says.

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