Inspiring Interior Design Podcasts To Motivate You In 2020

Jan 16, 2020

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking for a good book, TV series or podcast to get stuck into. When it comes to the latter, we can definitely help. Here are five of our favourite design podcasts that’ll help you ring in 2020 feeling motivated and inspired.

Business of Design pod


Hosted by American interior designer and business leader Kimberley Seldon, Business of Design is packed with actionable advice for how to run a successful, streamlined interior design business. Kimberley covers everything from branding and Google Ads to how to collaborate, communicate and build confidence as a business owner. Described as “a coaching community for independent interior design professionals – designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, architects and landscape designers", Kimberley is passionate about sharing the mistakes she’s made on the road to success so others don’t have to learn the hard way.

TDF talks

Launched in March 2018, founder and editor of The Design Files Lucy Feagins interviews Australian creatives on TDF Talks, including freelance designers, artists, makers, creative entrepreneurs, architects and city designers who have helped shape the Australian urban landscape. From Simone Haag talking about seizing every opportunity to David Flack talking about the importance of having a distinct brand DNA, this podcast is chock-o-block with valuable advice and insights. And the 30 to 50 minute length is definitely Melbourne-commute-friendly.



Each week on Clever, Design Milk founder and executive editor Jaime Derringer and designer, builder and TV host Amy Devers introduce you to a designer's work, life and their thought process. Their guests are visionaries and makers from every discipline including fashion, graphics, interiors and product design. We find out why these designers were attracted to creative careers and how they’ve navigated their way to success. These women clearly live and breathe all things design and leave you feeling proud to be part of such a diverse and thriving industry.

australian design radio

Based in Sydney, graphic designer and lecturer Matt Leach and designer, educator, and event manager Flyn Tracy shine a light on the Australian creative community in Australian Design Radio. Each episode features a chat with a creative professional who tells their story, explains their work and discusses industry news, events and hot topics. While this podcast isn’t interior design specific, we love hearing about the creative processes of illustrators, authors, graphic designers, street artists and other creative professionals. It’s insightful, revealing and packed with content that will motivate and inspire you.


The Chaise Lounge by Denver-based entrepreneur and interior design enthusiast Nick May is all about focussing on how you can build your brand and communicate that brand to potential clients. Since 2014, Nick has interviewed hundreds of top interior designers to find out: what differentiates those who want to be successful from those who are? Nick may not be an interior designer but he knows a lot about systems and skills needed to grow and sustain a successful business. With 268 episodes to choose from, there is a wealth of information for both aspiring and established designers.

99 invisible

It's the Roman Mars podcast that's opened our eyes to the subtleties of the design world we've never had to think about till now. 99% Invisible reveals just how much architecture and design shape the society we live in, whether it's covering the secret operation that saved a New York City skyscraper or an artist and sign-painter undergoing a guerrilla operation to install his own freeway signs. While Roman may not be a designer or architect, his skills as a radio producer is undeniable: there's a reason why this show has over 250 million downloads.


Designing isn't just a job or passion; it's can also be an artistic practice. This is exactly what Professor of Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design Grace La investigates in Talking Practice. Featuring in-depth and insightful interviews with globally renowned architects and designers, this is a podcast for those looking to they translate their real-world experiences and design thinking into their everyday practice. 

This blog was originally written by Jacqui McCallum for the Mercer Interior Design Blog and has been edited for clarity by Jennifer Park.

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