Interior Design Vlogs You’ll Want To Binge Watch

Mar 22, 2019

There is so much content online that it’s sometimes hard to sift through it all and find the good stuff. But never fear, when it comes to Interior Design vloggers and YouTube film series, we’ve done the hard work for you. Get ready for some binge-watching and jump into these videos all across the world, with everything from celebrity surprise makeovers to artsy shorts that dive into creatives' homes.



Never Too Small

Never Too Small makes the most of apartment economy, focusing on how a small place can be tailored, transformed and redefined with intelligent design. With everything from a spaces' architecture to its use of interior decorating, each episode magnifies the details to show you how the space was built with purpose. With expanding wall fixtures, specifically placed light sources and unique use of colours, every episode will have you thinking, "Damn, this is way too clever." 



"My Place" Series by NOWNESS

An ongoing series by publication NOWNESS, My Place is a creative take on interior design with the focus of getting up close and personal with creatives. Rather than focusing on the rules of design itself, it allows its hosts to explain what joy they find in their style, their objects and overall space. This series is an unpretentious and refreshing reminder that good design should make you feel something—and better yet, this feeling is allowed to be "home." 



Studio McGee

Studio McGee is an interior design studio run by Utah-based husband and wife team, Shea and Syd McGee. After graduating with a public relations degree, Shea decided to enrol in design school and has never looked back. The Studio McGee YouTube channel is packed with five to six minute videos where they shares design tips, mood boards and ‘before and afters’. It's a great springboard for students who want to see traditional tips flexed in real spaces.




Houzz is renowned for connecting homeowners with home improvement specialists all over the world, so it’s no surprise that their YouTube channel attracts over 369,000 subscribers. With celebrity surprise renovations where celebrities like Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Gordon Ramsay surprise their loved ones with home makeovers, the channel is easy to watch and also features a range of instructional videos. 



Rachel Aust

Although known mainly for her fitness and health related videos, Australian Rachel Aust is also a well-loved minimalist who isn't afraid to curate her style. With great tips on finding your niche and aesthetic, this self-made YouTube and blogger will give you those Insta-worthy styling tips that'll make your apartment picture-ready. And yes, her videos are practically on-trend buzzwords in action.



Karin Bohn

Canadian Karin Bohn’s YouTube channel is well-loved for many interior design lovers because not only does she do home tours, she also focuses on the business side of interior design. Karin shares her day-to-day activities in the studio, budget breakdowns, site visits and even a real interior design client presentation. For aspiring interior designers, her channel provides a valuable behind-the-scenes peek at running a successful business which helps demystify how interior designers work. 



"Sweet Digs" by Refinery29

Renting and buying can differ everywhere you go, and Sweet Digs by platform Refinery29 brings attention to this fact. Interviewing people from all over, the series is a transparent take on what kind of rent (or home loan) can get you what and where. Taking a look at people's interiors and their most loved items, the series is full of interior design inspiration fuelled by location, location, location.



The Design Files

One of the new kids on the YouTube block is The Design Files. Founded by stylist and set dresser, Lucy Feagins over 10 years ago, The Design Files is Australia’s top design blog. Although it hasn’t been active for long, The Design Files YouTube channel already has some great content that includes info on design events and a profile of a ceramicist working in Central Victoria. It has lots of paid partnerships but hey, the content is Very Good nonetheless.



House & Home

With over 374,000 subscribers, House & Home is Canada’s number one hub for all things design, decorating, food and entertaining. The YouTube channel features dramatic home makeovers, interior design tips and the latest in furniture, fabrics and homewares. Their home tours and ‘how to’ videos which offer practical advice on how to work with small spaces, rental properties and limited budgets. If you're obsessed with DIY, this will give you the fix you need. 

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