Meet Ruby Bourne, The Winner Of The Collarts Student Mix Competition

Nov 22, 2017


We're always celebrating our students at Collarts and the work they create. As part of the Collarts Mix Competition led by Tommy Rando (our Head of Music Production), students were encouraged to submit an original track of any genre to be judged by a panel for the chance to win a double pass to Drake. As the competition drew to an end last week, the pool of works received were "inspiring, creative and diverse", which Tommy himself describing the decision as "very close."

Winning the competition, Trimester 1 Music Production student Ruby Bourne—recorded under her moniker Ruby Lou—submitted ‘Omnipresent’, a track that stood out for its “originality, composition and mix” as described by Tommy. Through an etheric array of captivating vocals and effervescent textures, ‘Omnipresent’ samples a snippet from Donald Byrd and marks the idea of new beginnings.

“It was almost two years ago that I made the track,” explains Ruby after escaping the Melbourne heat in our Brady St campus, “The song was written embody the miracle of metamorphosis and transformation. This song is about the right of passage of a freshly hatched butterfly as it soars into the atmosphere and experiences the joy, liberation, and expansion of a deeper connection with the world around them. Death and birth go hand-in-hand—you can’t have one without the other. It also symbolises the death of anything, and the joyous rebirth that follows”


"This wasn't just a competition, it was a celebration... it has encouraged me to share my music more and the fact that it’s appreciated means the world to me."


Listening to 'Omnipresent', Ruby’s music-making provides a platform to express deeper truths that are ‘felt’, led by her belief that there are things uncommunicative through words or images alone. "Omnipresent' evokes the joy in freedom and empowerment," she nods, "I have a lot of tracks hidden away that I’m always working on, with only a handful up on Soundcloud. At Collarts I’m learning some amazing tools to help expand my ability to create and to jam out in a live environment, collaborating with other musicians." 

A bedroom artist and student growing her skills, Ruby was surprised to learn the outcome of the competition, genuinely excited and thrilled as she sat across from me. With a big red-lipped smile, she continued. "I didn’t expect by any means to win this, so it was a massive surprise! I actually got a bit teary on the phone when Tommy called me... it was a beautiful feeling. Tommy is a very grounded and switched-on person with great talent, experience and intuition. His patience, compassion, understanding and generosity of spirit is refreshing. He really wants the best for his students and takes the time and effort to help everyone learn and grow at their own pace. I’m really grateful that he is the head of the music production. This wasn't just a competition, it was a celebration... it has encouraged me to share my music more and the fact that it’s appreciated means the world to me. It really does."

Listen to the winning track below and support Ruby Bourne's project here. Passionate about music production or performance and don't know where to begin? Check out our courses or our Instagram for an insight into Collarts life. 

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