How Online Study Empowers You To Achieve

Nov 30, 2018

There's no doubt that students make sacrifices to study full-time at a face-to-face capacity. Balancing work, life and study, many people find themselves seeking alternatives to the demands of traditional university. While studying part-time is a great option we encourage here at Collarts, our two new 2019 courses—Animation & VFX and Interior Design—are offered online. If you're skeptical of online learning or simply curious about why so many students are making the switch, here's what you need to know about how online study empowers you to achieve beyond class.

Freedom and Balance: finding time that works for you

With flexibility at your fingertips, choosing online study can become an important factor in work-life-study balance, where time traditionally spent travelling, leaving work early for class, or missing important time with friends and family, can be used elsewhere. By having more freedom to balance your time and self-care habits, you can fit study around your life—not life around study—which is perfect for those wanting to also take on internships or positions to excel their career in the industry. 

Comfort and Accessibility: learn in your own environment

One of the undeniable benefits of online study include the ability to learn in your own environment. Studying from your own home or focused study space means you are not bound to a physical class session and don't have to make face when you're having a bad day. With course materials online for you to complete and the ability to submit assignments electronically, the level of access to complete your projects is also effortless. On top of this, as a Collarts student you have full access to our campus facilities, meaning if your fridge at home gets too tempting, you can study in the library or find a spot on-campus to get focused!

Tri 3 Orientation & Party (58 of 131)Of course, studying completely online or mixed with Collarts in chosen courses doesn't have to be completely seperate. We encourage all our students to use our campus facilities, interact in our Common Room and come to our exclusive student-only events!

Focus: maximise your time and concentration

With the accessibility of online study at your fingertips, maximising your time and concentration becomes easy. As you spend less time on the logistics of attending your physical course, this time can be used elsewhere to forward your career and life for the better. This ability to balance comes in handy for using your time effectively as you have time to make time, increasing your ability to focus on the task at hand. With more time available, you can focus on these study tips.

Student Support: connection at your fingertips

One of the great things about online study is the connection to your teachers and peers that's encouraged beyond traditional class times. Simple communication comes at the click of a button, where you can ask a lecturer a question, engage with other students in your small class size or discuss course contents directly as they go up. With no phone tag, physical meetings or face-to-face submissions, your ability to communicate and network becomes diversified.

As a Collarts student, you will also have access to our on-campus counsellors completely free of charge. Completely confidential and private, our counsellors are certified to use talk-based therapy to help you develop self-understanding and make changes in your life.  Just as any counsellor would, they will allow you to talk through your personal concerns, gain perspective, develop coping strategies, and increase self-awareness. 

Technical Skills: learn or specialise your skills when you like

If you're considering studying online and are worried about your computer skills—don't stress! Studying online is a fantastic way to learn hands-on when it comes to navigating different learning management systems (LMS), software and programs. As you study in your own time, you will have access to technology to grow your skills; not only by creating material but by sharing, incorporating and completing online work.

RPL: use your experience with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Your past efforts don't have to go to waste if you come from a background of study or industry experience. If you have decided to come to Collarts to study online, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be a fantastic option for taking advantage of the subjects you have completed so far. Designed to acknowledge your academic background, RPL reduces your course load, financial costs and chances of repeating subjects. 

If you're interested in studying online at Collarts with full access to our facilities and community, check out our courses in Animation & VFX and Interior Design. Applications are now open!

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