The Best Questions To Ask At Collarts Open Day

Jan 03, 2019

When attending any Open Day, you want to walk away knowing as much as possible about your study options. The idea is to explore and familiarise yourself with the course, recording the pathways and opportunities that come with it.

At Collarts, our Open Day is all about making this process simple and hands-on; with information sessions, workshops and chances to chat to students, teachers and leaders an important part of learning more about what sets us apart from the rest. This May 11, don't walk away feeling unprepared or confused—use these questions to get the answers you need !

Peel St Festival 2018 (15 of 94)Our students posing for a quick pic before heading off to their positions at Peel Street Festival, capturing content, liaising with artists, working on live sound and more.  

How is the course taught and what will I learn?

If you have one or a few courses in mind, coming to our Open Day is the perfect chance to suss out what each course delivers. While you may have read online or heard from friends that Collarts is incredibly hands-on in how we approach learning, coming along to the Information Sessions on the day will allow you to work out what subjects you will study. This question is super handy when trying to work out if the course is right for you and your career goals, alongside what is expected of you in terms of assessments and industry placement.

Follow-up questions include: How are trimesters broken down? How are assessments marked? Why is getting hands-on so important in the creative industry? 

 Falls Festival 29 Dec (8 of 40)Mel (Content Creation) and Jemma (Entertainment Journalism) working behind-the-scenes at Falls Festival Lorne this year! Their role had them creating live video content that was projected on stage, handling heavy-duty industry equipment.

How is Collarts connected to the industry?

One of the best things about Collarts is how connected it is to the industry at a genuine face-to-face level. Not only are our faculty and sessional teachers experts in their field, but they are also industry leaders making fantastic changes, actively work in their community. While you can read up on our faculty here, asking this question also opens up the door to find out more about our partnerships, along with the internships and work opportunities available to you as future Collarts student.

Follow-up questions include: Who is the head of the course and what have they done in the industry? What internships and opportunities are available to me? What sessional teachers will I be learning from?

PopAkademie Students (8 of 9)
Tommy, our Music Production head, with the Music Performance and Music Production students selected to attend Pop Akademie before they flew over to Germany.
What are the scholarship opportunities available to Collarts students?

Although we don't offer financial scholarships, we have a rich collection of opportunities for students to go interstate, overseas and to experience exclusive events unlike anything else. Asking about scholarships is a great way to get a head start on thinking to the future and how Collarts collaborates with the industry. With a focus on local and international, finding out everything from the application process to timing can allow you to start working on your long-term study and career goals.

Follow-up questions include: What do you do on the exchange? What work have past students completed? How will this scholarship grow my industry knowledge? 

Open Day Sep 8 2018 (2 of 124)Our Future Student Team are ready to answer question during Open Day too, alongside pointing you in the right direction for the support services you seek.

What support is on offer for Collarts students?

Whether you're returning to study or coming straight out of high school, knowing what support available to you as a student can sometimes be the difference between pass and fail. Before you pick a place of study, there can be a lot of feelings and processes to get in order—and we believe you should be supported through this. At Collarts, we have whole teams dedicated to making your life as easy as possible and encourage you to ask about how we support students with their mental health, finances, academics, and career-hunting.

Follow-up questions include: What counselling and support is available to me? What happens if I can't submit an assignment on time? I studied elsewhere, am I eligible to get Recognition of Prior Learning?

T2 Census Date Party (70 of 108) (8)Music teacher and Australian industry legend Dallas Frasca making students hit the floor in the mosh during the Trimester Two O-Week Party.

What makes the Collarts community so special?

Hoo boy, where do I begin? As someone who studied at a huge university, Collarts' community is unlike anything else. It's such a welcoming, positive and supportive community, we even had students create an entire game on their time here. One of the best things about Collarts is how frequent students have the opportunity to socialise and interact with each other, staff and industry guests. Because our class sizes are small too, this extends right to our teaching, where your teachers will genuinely put your best interest first. If you're tossing up between places to study, ask this question if your learning environment and its relationships are important to you.

Follow-up questions include: Do students from other courses work together? Is their opportunities to perform or collaborate outside Collarts with fellow students? What benefits do Collarts alumni have?

Want to know more about what we offer? Register to attend our next Open Day on May 11. If studying at Collarts interests you or if you’re wanting to learn more, check out our courses hereApplications for 2019 are now open

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