The Creative Intent Of Guus Hoevenaars

Sep 24, 2018

Guus Hoevenaars has a creative career like no other. An Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated mixer, engineer and composer, Guus’ work has championed him as one of the most versatile producers in the recording industry. Born in Holland and now living in Melbourne, he has mixed for artists like Scissor Sisters, The Pierces, The Feeling and has produced for Manfred Mann, Asia, Pony & Trap, Bad Mother Earth, Q Strings and more.

Working closely with Darin Prindle (Madonna/TLC/Boys2Men), Phil Tan (Coldplay/Demi Lovato/Mariah Carey/The Neptunes), Carlton Lynn (P!nk/Ciara/Leona Lewis), Guus has developed his skills with some of the industry’s best; now taking up as an in-house position at Newmarket Studios and lecturer at Collarts in both Audio Engineering and Music Production. Along the way, he’s scored for TV shows and documentaries, and worked with a vast range of artists in varying genres. He’s also one half of electronic double act HVMNS.

Discussing both his music and work, Guus recently spoke with publication MusicTech in detail about how he landed his highly sought-after career.

“It began when I was young. I grew up in the Netherlands and I remember that one time when I went to a local radio station, I saw a mixing desk there and it was literally loved at first sight,” Guus told MusicTech about his early years, ” I didn’t really grow up in a household with a lot of music around. That was my first introduction to a broader scope of music.”


“My parents suggested I play an instrument early on and at 16 I started my own band. It was a pretty big, eight-piece outfit and from there I started getting more involved with music technology. We did our own arrangements and demos. I also started doing work for a local live sound company, eventually doing bigger gigs and arena-size venues, this really helped me in the studio later. From there on I went into music production.”

“When I am producing and working on ideas, sketching out songs and tracks with MIDI, virtual instruments and synths, I tend to start in Logic.” 

Talking about his journey from student to leader, Guus’ love for music and audio production simply grew into a longlasting career that opened up incredible opportunities. “I wouldn’t really call myself a composer as such, though I have written music for television. I’m really a producer/engineer. It started with live audio production and that then led to my focus on music production,” Gus continued.

“When I am producing and working on ideas, sketching out songs and tracks with MIDI, virtual instruments and synths, I tend to start in Logic. When I’m producing a recording in the studio with a band I will either work on analog tape or Pro Tools. Monitoring-wise I’ll be using full-range speakers.”

Going into detail about his production and how what it’s like collaborating with a room full of people, you can read Guus’ full interview on MusicTech here.

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Photography © Ceridwen Foran

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