What Does It Mean To Build A More Sustainable Fashion Industry?

Jun 11, 2020

As the current crisis of COVID-19 continues to impact our world, the necessity for change and adaptability is the only thing that's certain. For the fashion industry, societal and economic shutdowns have trickled down to reveal its failing systems; with apparel, footwear, and textile industries buckling under pressure from labor-intensive supply chains, environmental impacts, and economic recession.

As steps are taken to recover and rebuild, confronting the need for real, long-lasting systemic change is an opportunity and obligation we should seize—not a moment to apply bandages and accept the ruthless capitalist paradigms that exploit people, the environment, and its animals. 

Investigating these concerns and what could be "the new normal", fashion-forward podcast Unreal Times doesn't shy away from conversations that revolve around a sustainable future. Led by Neomi Amit from Australian faux-fur label Unreal Fur, each episode explores how fashion industry insiders, animal welfare organisations, and other leading professionals around the globe are innovating and transforming during the COVID-19 era. 

In a recent episode, Sal Edwards—Program Coordinator of Fashion & Sustainability at Collarts—discusses 'Breaking The Mould'; looking deeper and more critically at the obligations that brands, tastemakers, and educators have when fostering better fashion futures with sustainability at the forefront. "We're interested in unpacking the complexities of sustainability," Sal says, "through the course, we're thinking about everything that fashion touches. How can we be making sure that we are lessening impacts and problem-solving?"

Listen to the full episode below and support the podcast on Spotify here

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