What It's Like To Study Overseas In Nashville

Sep 09, 2019

If you could expand your cultural horizons in your study field, what would you achieve? For Entertainment Management students Anniemae Goldring, Alexandra Vaughns, Amy Roberts, and Bridget McMullen, their recent international exchange to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee saw them collaborating with like-minded students from all across the world.

Spanning over 10 days, the International Group Project had students from China, Norway and Belmont university working towards an intensive research project on the music industry in partnership with Universal Music. "Everyone brought something new to the table through their own cultural perspective," explains Entertainment Management student Bridget, "it was just amazing how everyone bonded so quickly."


Part of the Global Perspectives in the Music Business study abroad course, the exchange was an intercultural, hands-on experience, giving all students the chance to work on an industry project.

"Mike Harris, the COO of Universal Music Nashville, came in and presented us with a brief," Bridget recalls, "we had to interpret how YouTube Videos influence music consumption and the factors around it. At the end of researching the project, the people we worked with became lifelong friends. It's incredible how much we achieved in so little time together."

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Held the previous year at Collarts with Mushroom Music and LiveNation in Melbourne, this year's exchange was even more streamlined. "It was unique experience for the students where they applied their research skills to an industry context with an exciting outcome at the end," shared Jess Carroll, the Program Coordinator of Entertainment Management.

"It's not every day that you get to present the COO of Universal Music Nashville," she continued. "It gave the students the opportunity to step outside of the Australian music industry, connect with likeminded students internationally and consider the broader context for the international creative businesses."

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