Collarts Asks: Why Did You Choose To Study At Collarts?

Feb 05, 2020

This Trimester One O-Week saw hundreds of new students stepping on the path to success and introduced into the community, complete with tacos, treasure hunts, and trivia. But despite the differences that makes each newcomer unique, they all had one thing in common: Collarts.

We asked O-Week attendees from both the Design and Entertainment faculties what exactly made Collarts the best choice for them, and what we got were passionate creatives ready to take ahold of their own future.

Sophie - student in beret


"The facilities were the main [reason]. Collarts has such great facilities and is in a great spot as well, so it's central to everything. It seemed like a really inclusive environment too; everyone was really lovely."

Emmanuel and Darianna - student in red jacket and blond mid-part short hair

Emmanuel & Darianna MUSIC PERFORMANCE

Darianna: "I decided to go to Collarts because it seemed like such a chill and fun environment, where everyone loves what they're doing."

Emmanuel: "Music's always been a passion of mine—it's always been in my life—and Collarts was one of those places that I was looking [to study]. Coming in for my audition, the atmosphere and aura of the people really attracted me because there were all these like-minded people who have a passion for music. I wanted to be around people like that."

Molly - student with green hair in bun


"I was studying to be an opera singer for a few years and I just found that it was very solo, in my own little bubble, and I wanted to branch out a little bit to get experience in the industry. I have a few friends who have studied here, finished and loved it, so I thought I'd give it a go."

Dakota - Student in red singlet smiling


"There's a lot more performance opportunities than other unis and a lot of industry-based opportunities as well."

Zeynep - student in glasses smiling


"I really liked how the staff here are really kind and welcoming, and [I liked] the facilities that they provide."

Hector - student in white hoodie and glasses


"I chose to study at Collarts because I wanted to make my own music and [I felt that Collarts could] help make what I want to say to the public, [create] something meaningful in my music."

Sean - student with blond hair in corridor

 Sean — COMEDY

"I mainly chose to study at Collarts because I came and went on a tour when I did my audition, and I just found the whole kind of vibe of the university so welcoming. I feel like it's the place I want to be."

Seamus - student with long hair and beard


"Compared to other places there's definitely a vibe with Collarts and the smaller campus is really nice. Coming from a university where you're one in a thousand, it's quite nice to be in a smaller community."

Megan - An - student in leather jacket and student with fringe and glasses


Megan: "I chose to study at Collarts mostly because of the creative aspect — it seemed to be a lot more creative than academic compared to other places I was looking at. And the people were the coolest! They were really nice, cool, and welcoming."

An: "They were very supportive as well with anything you want to undertake, like scholarships or extra work. The classes seemed more hands-on too."




Jothan - student with curly hair and black hoodie


"Collarts is so connected to the industry and because of that, I believe that even after I finish my course, I will be able to get a job."

Sim - student with blue hair and beige cardigan


"Collarts gave me the freedom to actually work on stuff that I want to work on, whereas I feel that a lot of other unis would limit you with equipment or [subjects]."

Ella - Emma - student with light brown hair and black shirt, student with dark brown hair and blue dress


Ella: "Collarts really offers a range of options in terms of fashion, which is something I'm really interested in. I know that it's going to be a really supportive environment helping me achieve my goals."

Emma: "The campus environment is amazing and the course structure is incredible, and I can't wait to study the styling part. I have a friend who goes here and she can't stop talking about it."

Tori - Felicity - Student with blonde hair and graphic t-shirt, student with black hair and glasses


Tori: "I saw an Instagram ad for Collarts originally; I wasn't liking my current course and was looking for something new. I saw Fashion Marketing and it wasn't something I hadn't seen before, so I decided to give it a shot."

Felicity: "I've always been interested in fashion and I was at the Careers Expo looking into fashion courses. Collarts offered the best of the best. It had everything I wanted and offered so much more, being so inclusive."

Ropa - student with braids and purple eyeshadow


"It seemed like a good community and being here, I've found that's correct. They were providing a course that I was really passionate about."

Jasmine - student with black hair


"I had a friend who came here and she highly recommended it. When I did come in for my interview, I really loved the space and I loved how much [Collarts] seemed like they were focusing on the students more than just you being a number... The people and all of the staff I had communicated with were also lovely."

Jade - student with dark hair and nose ring


"I liked the vibe of the campus and I felt like I could be my best creative self here while learning more."

Sam - student with glasses and gold necklace

"Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and the environment seemed so happy. I went through a couple other interviews, but Collarts offered you so much more and [let] your creative juices flow, rather than leading you down an academic path."

Samuel - student with blond hair and pink striped shirt


"I saw the flexibility that Collarts was offering for all students and it really resonated with me, especially as a student who would be having a busy lifestyle with social and work commitments. I looked through their course guide and it really suited my education, the way I learn, and my passion."

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