Why Jemma Hollway Returned To Collarts For Digital & Social Media

May 14, 2020

Jemma Hollway knew words could change lives, and Entertainment Journalism at Collarts, where she could pursue that ambition and delve into the topics that matter to her, seemed like the perfect choice. But as technologies advanced and social media took centre stage, it became clear that she wanted to branch out into creating content through various mediums rather than sticking to pen on paper. We spoke to her about life post-graduation, and what it's been like to return to the Collarts family as a Digital & Social Media student.

Why did you decide to study Entertainment Journalism?

I always was interested in pursuing a career in journalism, but throughout school, I was coaxed into pursuing more mainstream lines of career. I really wanted to be a nurse or something where I could help people in a more traditional way; then, I attended a career expo, saw the Collarts stand, and it kind of dawned on me that I could help people in a way that wasn't so traditional, in a way that could touch a lot of different people at the same time through words.

What's your dream, and do you think Collarts has helped you get closer to that dream?

My dream is to write something and change someone's perspective. I definitely think Collarts helped me get closer to that dream, because it's one of the only places that's made me feel like my ideas are valid and that it's okay to think differently. 


What specifically about Collarts drew you in?

I decided on Collarts because it looked fun at face value, and the people I spoke to from Collarts were all super welcoming, friendly. I liked that I could study something very niche to what I was specifically interested in and I wouldn't have to dedicate time to things that didn't interest me so much, like politics, etc.

After graduating Entertainment Journalism, you decided to come back to pursue Digital & Social Media—why is that?

I decided that it would be really beneficial for me to have a more holistic approach to entertainment journalism. While I've always liked to write, I thought it would be smart to go out and learn how to tackle the digital marketing side and photography or videography, so I could be more employable, and I've really liked doing that so far.

Did you feel supported after you graduated?

Yeah, I'm still in touch with my teachers now from my lectures. I felt like learning from them was one of the best things ever because I actually really idolise them. I actually read some of their work, read their reviews, even their articles growing up as a teenager. So, to get to learn from someone like that was awesome. I felt really supported in general. I am so grateful for my little Collarts family; I loved everyone in my class, and my teachers were amazing. I feel like they are my uncles and aunties now who will always look after me, instead of just my teachers.

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